Monday, December 30, 2013

7 Key Ingredients to Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is similar to a recipe.  Ingredients have to be carefully measured and mixed together to have a great product.  Here are 7 key ingredients needed to be mixed to increase brand awareness.

1.  Listen - You need to listen to your customers.  Social media is a great tool, but if you're not paying attention to what is being said you will miss trends, customer feedback, and lose out on building your brand.

2.  Use Blogs to Foster Relationships
  • Increase Backlinks - Links pointing to the website from other relevant websites (post relevant comments on other people's blogs)
  • Drive Traffic To Your Website - social media, guest blogs
  • Increase Visibility and Brand Recognition
  • Drive Traffic and Interactions on Your Blog
  • Foster Relationships
3.  Integrate Search Engine Optimization into Your Social Strategy - Ensure that you use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) words with your website.  Check out our blog

4.  Localize Your Presence - Your local Chamber of Commerce can ensure your brand is known locally.  SEO words on your website and social media profiles should include your location. Get involved in the community to build brand awareness and free publicity.

5.  Tie-In Your Email Marketing with Your Social Presence - Always include a visual button with a hyperlink to your social media pages.  Make it easy for those that receive your emails to follow the business on social media.  On your website have an opt-in option to receive e-mails, blog updates, newsletters and promotional offers.

6.  Use Strategic PR to Increase Visibility - Take advantage of self-promoting yourself with self-written press releases highlighting accomplishments, community support and new business developments. Write the press releases and send to local, regional and national newspapers and relevant trade publications, magazines and associations.  Send press releases to all your customers and post to your website.  Self-promote!!

7.  Cross-market - Website and social media profiles including employees and customers will allow you to cross-market your business and increase brand awareness. 

Mix all 7 ingredients together and when the timer rings you have increased your brand awareness.